Get Started on Parse: Docs, Tutorials and Guides

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Welcome to Back4App documentation page!

Here we will guide you through Back4App and Parse features.

Each tutorial contains a box like this one with a list of required programs, SDKs, plugins, systems versions and other tips that will help you to prevent compatibility issues and other errors.

If you see a box like this, pay close attention because we want to alert you about something in order to avoid problems and mistakes.

Who are we?

We are a BaaS platform built on the top of Parse open source suite where you can build and host APIs for the web, mobile, and IoT apps, working up to 80% faster.

Working with us you can focus on creating amazing user experiences and forget about complex infrastructure.

What are APIs?

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are software-to-software interfaces that enables two applications to exchange data.

You can find more references and definitions at: Wikipedia and The Guardian.

What is a BaaS?

BaaS (Backend as a Service) provides a way to link your applications to backend cloud storage and APIs. It helps you to speed up software development and simplify API creation.

You can find more information about BaaS clicking here.

What is Parse?

Parse is an open source suite to speed up the backend development. With Parse, developers can avoid boilerplate code, accelerate the application go-to-market and concentrate in what matters.

Getting Started

Check out the following guides and learn how to start with Back4App.


Get started with Back4App platform!
New Parse App tutorial
Command Line Tool Setup
Connecting your CLI
How to use CLI
Live Queries


Get started with the Android development!
Start from template
Install Parse SDK
User registration - login
Email verification
Facebook login
Twitter login
Cloud Code
Send Push Notifications via Dashboard
Send Push Notifications using Cloud Code
Send Push Notifications from client side
Background Job
Live Queries
Using ParseGeoPoint on Android with sample simple app


Get started with the iOS development!
Start from Swift Template
Start from ObjC Template
Install Parse SDK (Swift)
Install Parse SDK (ObjC)


Get started with the JavaScript development!
Install Parse SDK
Use a React Template
Database Operations
User registration - login
Facebook login


Get started with the Xamarin development!
Start from Template

Advanced Cloud Code

Get started with the Advanced Cloud Code development!
Introduction Unit tests

Guest Tutorials

Check out the tutorials that our guests prepared with great care to help you!
Encrypted Chat

Other Platforms

Are you looking for connecting to Back4app from other platforms?
Check Parse open source hub!