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Dont start from scratch each time you build

We have everything you need to transform your backend from a job that takes months, to something that can be ready in weeks,
even days.

Real-Time Database

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Cloud code functions

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What makes us unique?

Straightforward, easy-to-use, and low-learning curve
Relational data, indexing, and aggregate functions
Easy-to-understand and predictable pricing
Dedicated and Enterprise plans

Remove the complexity from the backend,
without removing functionality

Our simple UI, SDKs, and APIs let you spend more time on your
business. We focus on the infrastructure, you focus on your customers.

We speak your language

Back4App lets you quickly connect the front and backend, regardless of what language was used in your frontend. Get started faster withless code.
Saving data
Saving data
Querying data
Creating Cloud Functions
Extending GraphQL Schema
Calling Cloud Functions
Javascript SDK
Android SDK
Flutter SDK
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mutation { createCharacter(input: { fields: { name: "Luke Skywalker" birthYear: "19BBY" homeworld: { createAndLink: { name: "Tatooine" population: 200000 } } } }) { character { id homeworld { id } } } }

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The foundation you need to build professional apps

It doesn't matter if this is your first build, or you're scaling up, we are ready to help you in any phase of development.
Scale with confidence
Keep costs in check even when you scale your apps with affordable, predictable pricing. Scaling happens automatically and, we guide the process to ensure that nothing goes wrong.
With Back4App you can...
Scale as high as you need
Add new features as you grow
Scale vertically or horizontally

Apps you can build with Back4App

There are no limits to what you can build with Back4App.
We have lots of start kits and examples to take inspiration from.

ReactJS Slack Clone

A React Slack Clone template using real-time, relational queries and authentication.

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Flutter User Login/SignUp

A user User Sign-up/Login Flutter starter kit to speed up your app development.

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React Native Login/SignUp

A user sign-up/login flutter template using Parse.User className.

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Community support
that builds you up (while you build your app)

We know the importance
of community when building apps. We
make it easy to connect to our
community so you can master new
skills, get answers, or just talk to
other developers.

Trusted by startups around
the world

How Two4Tea scaled its Game App to 55 Million users with Back4App
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How Two4Tea scaled its Game App to 55 Million users with Back4App
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How VantageBP saved $500K USD Dollars with Back4App
How VantageBP saved $500K USD Dollars with Back4App
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How 1001Dubai Uses Back4App to Build SaaS Apps for Supermarkets
How 1001Dubai Uses Back4App to Build SaaS Apps for Supermarkets
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How the Back4app partnership accelerated the go to market at Blackburn Labs by 4X
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How the Back4app partnership accelerated the go to market at Blackburn Labs by 4X
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Alice Bodnar
“Back4App makes database management easy. They have provided excellent options for us as we grow. And the customer support is incredible: very fast response time with helpful support. I highly recommend Back4App if you are looking for a low-maintenance database solution.”
Alice Bodnar
COO & General Counsel at FarOut
Suat Karabacak
“Firstly it gives a stable working backend system which solves most common problems in Software Development. We are having a ready-to-use DB, Storage, Email System, Notification, 3th Party Auth, LiveQuery, and many more. If you try to build a scalable LiveQuery system in the past you will understand even only for that feature Back4App is a great tool.”
Suat Karabacak
Co-Founder of De Marke Labs
Joren Winge
“We built our entire platform on back4app and we are able to do it for a tenth of the cost of doing it ourselves from scratch on aws. Back4App is the fastest, easiest, most scalable backend as a service solution you can find on the internet. The support is also top notch.”
Joren Winge
CTO at VantageBP
Omer Gurel
“Back4App was innovative enough to be able to offer 1001Dubai a dedicated server that was hosted in Dubai on Alibaba Cloud and set up successfully within four days.”
Omer Gurel
Founder & CEO at 1001 Dubai
Nicolas Boulch
“After Fight List, we built many games using Back4App. We keep using Back4app for the same reason as we choose it before. It’s easy to use and fast to implement. It saves us time and money!”
Nicolas Boulch
CEO at Two4Tea

Curious about whats
under the hood?

Back4App is a combination of open-source tools. Our backend platform was built using enterprise-grade, open-source products like:
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