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Back4App gives you the tools to improve your development productivity while developing high-quality apps. Using Back4App is possible to build your database (with relational schema), run cloud functions, deliver real-time updates, connect to the backend using REST, GraphQL or Parse SDKs, send push messages and store files.

If you are new to Back4App, we recommend checking out What is Back4App?, and then working through creating your first app project, connect to Back4App, add and get data from the database, and then run your first cloud function on Back4App servers.


This Guide’s Section describes how to setup and use Back4app features

The API Reference section is a quick reference section where you can understand the main Parse commands

On FAQ section you will find answers to the main questions about Back4App and Parse


Guides by Platform:

Check it out below the guides that will help you use Back4App on your preferred platform.