Database Hub

Publish your Database on the HUB


Have you already worked on a dataset that took you some time and you believe that can help other developers to save their time? Do you want to share your data as a service in a developer-friendly format?

Now you can share your database (including files and cloud functions/triggers) with other developers using the Database HUB.

Sharing a Database using the Database Hub allows you to be an active part of the Back4app community and share data that you think might be useful to others.

By sharing your datasets with other developers you can:

  • Help other people develop their apps using ready-to-use datasets;
  • Share your data as a service in an easy-to-use format (APIs - REST & GraphQL, SDKs to more than 13 technologies);
  • Receive feedback and keep improving your datasets;


In order to use or share a database, you will need:

Step 1 - Find a Database to share

The very first step is to find a database that you think might be useful to others. Any database that you have, that you think might help other people getting their Apps developed faster, or that you think might rise attention to bring collaborators.

For this tutorial, I will be sharing an Product example database.


Step 2 - Publishing

Click the Publish on Hub button on the left part of the screen


The Publish on Hub screen will appear:


Click the Publish on Hub button. Accept the terms and click the Publish button:


If everything went well, you should see a success screen with a link to your published database:


Step 4 - Checking out and Sharing

Once published, go to the URL shown on the step above and check if everything is all right with your published database:


Now you can just share it with your colleagues and among the community to get it spread.