Database Hub

Clone a Database


Cloning a Database using the Database Hub allows you to have a fully working snapshot (a.k.a. a copy at a given moment) to the shared database in Back4app.

This ensures you will have a full copy of schemas and data cloned and delivered to your Back4app account.

This also means that updates that the original owner make over time will NOT be delivered to your database, and updates you do will NOT be reflected to the source database.

This is useful when you want a copy of the database for yourself to change and keep.


In order to use or share a database, you will need:

  • An account created at Back4App.

Step 1 - Find a Database to clone

The very first step is to find a database that suits your needs and is publicly shared in Back4app.
You can go to the Database Hub list of databases and search for any topic that interests you.

Once you find the database that you want, you can proceed.

For this tutorial I am going to use this Database of Car Models, Manufacturer, Category and Year:


Step 2 - Cloning

Click the Clone button on the top right corner of the screen. The counter on the right side shows how many Apps have cloned that database at the moment:


The Clone dialog will appear. Then choose a name for your cloned App.


If your clone operation succeeded, you should see this dialog:


Step 3 - Using the data

Once cloned, go to the Dashboard for your newly created App.


From now on you can query the data of the cloned App.