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What is Parse Server?

Parse Server is an open source Backend-as-a-Service(BaaS) framework initially developed by Facebook. The platform now has an active and robust community of fanatical developers who constantly innovate and strive to improve the already impressive and modular platform. Below are some of the amazing and most useful features of Parse Server.

Manage your Apps

Create and Manage your data model

Use the web-based, all-in-one Dashboard for powerful data manipulation, to view analytics, schedule and send push notifications. Create all your classes and manage your Data using Parse Dashboard


Play around with your REST API

With the API Console, you have a quick and easy access to all functions of your REST API, allowing you to play around with the API or debug issues without writing a single line of code.

Automatic emails

Welcome Emails and Email Verification

Send automatic verification and welcome emails to your users. Use your own html template.

Social login

Make your app social

Connect your users via traditional logins or third party social networks with just a few lines of code. We take care of linking accounts across networks, resetting passwords, and keeping everything safe and secure so you don’t have to.

Cron Jobs

Setup running tasks with Background Jobs

Easily schedule recurring tasks like sending engagement emails, updating data, and long running computation at any time interval via the dashboard. View job status data and customize job frequency as required.


Keep yourself informed on app events with Web Hooks

Work in your preferred coding language and define a URL to receive a POST linked to a trigger set off when a specific cloud function is called. This keeps you informed of app events connected with various user and device interactions.

Config parameters

Update your app on the fly

The simplest way to store your app's parameters for updating on the fly. Keeping configurations out of your app's binary means config changes do not require a fresh app release.

ACLs and CLPs

Setup permissions to access your data

Use CLPs and ACLs to manage your API permissions. CLP is the easiest way to lock down your app is with class-level permissions. Almost every class that you create should have these permissions tweaked to some degree. For classes where every object has the same permissions, class-level settings will be most effective. An ACL specifies a set of users who can read or write an object's data. So, before you can use ACLs, you have to have Users. There are many ways to handle users on Parse.

Multiple SDKs

Build for anything

No matter what platform you're building for, Parse Server has the SDKs you need to create an amazing mobile/desktop/IoT/Web experience. No matter what you’re creating for the desktop and the web, our SDKs will help you move faster than you ever thought possible. Perfect for standalone products, or experiences that complement your mobile app.

User management

Easy user account management

At the core of many apps, there is a notion of user accounts that lets users access their information in a secure manner. Parse Server provides a specialized user class called PFUser that automatically handles much of the functionality required for user account management.

Geo queries

Use Geo-located commands

Parse Server allows you to associate real-world latitude and longitude coordinates with an object. This allows you to easily do things like find out what user is closest to another user or which places are closest to a user.