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Parse Server Hosting

Host your Parse Server with us. Back4App offers a serverless backend development platform. We are prepared to scale your app anytime using features like smart database index, queries optimizers, auto scaling, automated backups, redundant storage capacity and more.

AWS hosted

World-class hosting

We host our platform on AWS Servers, one of the best Cloud Services in the world.


A powerful web presence with no hassle

Enjoy a dynamic web presence without all the hassle of maintaining your own servers. Share data between your web and mobile app and display it on a beautiful landing page

Database Smart index

Auto-index a Mongo database

Back4App Smart Indexing can automatically create indexes according to the incoming query stream. This permits more effective management of Mongo instances.


Built for massive scale

Every aspect of Back4App was designed with scalability in mind. Thousands of apps access the Parse servers every minute at Back4App, with both big names and small trusting their data, login information, and more to the platform.

Backup routine

We backup everything for you

Our servers are configured to backup hourly all your Data, Code and settings

Replica set

Redundancy and data availability

Replica sets provide redundancy and high availability, and are the basis of our production deployments. MongoDB achieves replication by the use of replica set. A replica set is a group of mongod instances that host the same data set.


Optimized MongoDB with MongoRocks

We implement MongoRocks(MongoDB + RocksDB) to take advantage of the increased performance, greater efficiency, and powerful backup capabilities offered by the RocksDB storage engine. The RocksDB engine developed by Facebook engineers is one of the fastest, most compact and write-optimized storage engines available.