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Parse Server Add-ons

Back4App brings more

Besides all the core features, we offer you a great set of add-ons so that you can have the best experience ever.


Real time database

Parse queries are unsuitable for apps that need real-time support. Live Query enables you to subscribe to a specific query, store and synchronize app data in real-time. The server notifies clients when objects matching this query are created, updated or deleted.

JSON Import / Export

Upload/Download your data

Import and Export JSON files using Parse Dashboard with a single click.

Manage Parse Server Versions

Control your Parse Server compatibility

It is easier than ever to keep up to date with the latest Parse Server version and ensure full compatibility between app and server versions. A single click on the Change Version option enables server version upgrades or downgrades

Command Line Interface

Interact with your Cloud Code from the terminal.

Parse Command Line Tool can be used to perform various actions on your Parse app. It can be used to create new Parse apps, deploy Cloud Code to an app, view all releases, and more.

Multi-App Tenancy

Multiple Apps per account

Migrate, build and host as many Apps as you want on your account