Setup the command line interface to Parse Server


The Back4App Command Line Interface (CLI) allows you to interact with your Cloud Code from the terminal. CLI is a way of interacting with a computer program in which the user or client types commands to the program in the form of successive lines of text (command lines).

The Back4App CLI can be used to perform many actions on your Parse App like create a new app, develop and deploy Cloud Code, manage app releases, set the SDK version, etc.

You will learn more about that in this set of tutorials.

At any time, you can access the complete Back4App CLI Project at our GitHub repository.

Click on to know more about how to get started with command line in Linux, MacOS or Windows.


MAC and Linux

In Mac OS X and Linux environments, you can get the command line tool by running this command:

$ curl | sudo /bin/bash

This installs a tool named b4a to /usr/local/bin/b4a. This will also update your command line tool if you already have it installed.

In case you want to uninstall the CLI, just delete that file.


Back4App command line interface for Windows is available here.

You have to download b4a.exe file.

Then you need to copy and paste that executable to C:\windows\system32, so that b4a becomes executable by the command line.

Note: this is not an installer, it is just a plain Windows executable.